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Meet the Wildlife gang, an extremely fun, friendly family of animals that we have created for Yoplait’s fromage frais brand.

From sketches to research to a national on shelf presence, Relish have helped Yoplait build this brand into a family favourite and we’ve enjoyed every step of the way.  Wildlife choobs is now the biggest selling kids portable in it’s category.

Our design team have created an extensive range of characters and supporting graphics for Wildlife making sure that variety is maintained and they're always great fun.

We are fully aware that the brand should not stop working once the packaging is opened. Every sleeve, label and wrap is designed with the kids in mind to ensure their ongoing engagement.

From trade to television sponsorship, Wildlife continues to create a fun and energetic impact throughout the UK.

Communication campaigns are always great fun and energetic  but driven by the packaging, leading the customers directly back to the product.

From NPD to collectable give aways, the range is continuously being refreshed and updated to make sure it remains relevant in a busy sector.

The collectable gifts have proven so successful that they have even lead to a thriving e-bay market for our alphabet magnets and stickers!

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