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Intelligent design providing simple, effective, brand solutions

We are a branding, design and communication agency specialising in creating brands, packaging and marketing campaigns that truly resonate with our clients' customers time and time again.

Our team brings together seasoned industry experts and intelligent designers with a proven track record of running successful projects for both large multi-nationals and small independents alike.

Insight & Experience

Before we start any project we invest our time making sure we understand the product, the customer and the market. This ensures that we identify growth potentials for the brand and make the most informed decisions.


Based upon our findings and we will devise a creative strategy to target the potential growth avenues. Our Strategy will clearly define the brand message, its differentiation and future purpose for the brand.  It will lay the foundations for the Creative brief. 

Creativity & Activation

This is where we bring the Strategy to life with a clear and holistic approach to creative solutions. We will focus on a unique identity and differentiation of message and how these are interpreted into effective customer engagement and value for business.


Our team can then support activation through multiple channels including design & packaging collateral, marketing, POS and social media.

Jason Edwards

Founder & Creative Director

Founder and Creative Director of Relish Design, Jason has over 20yrs experience running projects for household brand names, independents and multinational companies.

Paul King

Retail Director

Paul is a seasoned veteran of the industry and has a careers worth of experience on both agency and client side. Having formerly worked as Design Director for Tesco he has also founded, run and sold his own agency M&K.

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