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Interior Artwork

Since it's launch in 2008 Tortilla has became the most successful Mexican fast casual brand on the UK high street.

Relish have worked closely with the founders since inception to create the now famous brand and we’re pleased to see that both brand and business are enjoying the success they deserve.

Communication has been built around three tiers of customer journey, introducing the brand and product, leading through to the point of purchase and finally engaging people when they have time to enjoy the environment. 


The product has always been fantastic so it's imperative that the photography did it justice. We wanted to see the 'real' product with all of its mouth watering messiness!


We work closely with architects and signage companies to create a library of interior elements from menu boards to graphic wall paper. This allows each store to be implemented as quickly as possible whilst maintaining a very strong brand appeal.


Secondary aesthetic design details and bespoke store by store features ensure that every corner of tortilla is considered. We are continually building up a brand story that attracts, retains and is enjoyed by the customer. It also looks great!

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