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Hungry Joe's

Brand Creation

Brand Strategy

Identity Design






Interior Artwork

After creating the Hungry Joe's brand and enjoying a very successful launch it was time for a brand refresh and packaging.

Hungry Joe's was Kerry Foods' second launch as a fully owned brand. With a target market of hungry men between 25 and 35 this brand not only needed to be bold, strong and impactful but also had to make sure the focus was still on good hearty food.

It quickly became another success story for Kerry, out performing the first year target of £2 million with sales over £5 million. The brand  raced to a £12 million value after just two years of trading.

The reconsidered identity and new look design brings a bolder more contemporary feel to the brand whilst maintaining strong shelf blocking and aisle stand out. 


The redesign went through a vigorous process of positional research and consumer testing before the final design was decided.


Several brand positions and numerous revised identities were considered and researched ensuring a positive consumer response before we moved on from the original packaging below.

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