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Situated in East London for over a century, Bearfields have a long standing reputation for producing some of the best Hams and Gammons available on the market.

However the quality and range of their produce seemed like a closely guarded industry secret and we wanted to help Bearfields introduce their craft to a much wider audience.

Although some customers would have been familiar with the delicious meats, after all they were being served in some of the best restaurants in London, the greater public had not been introduced.

Relish created a simple but effective retail site that allowed the customer to easily navigate the extensive range available. The site then gave Bearfields the opportunity to tell their story and showcase their extensive expertise.

Meticulous care and attention was given to photographing each product in a true light and to do the time and crafting afforded to each meat the justice it deserved.

The result was a mouthwatering catalogue of images and we hope to help the company become an even greater success in the future.

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