Meet the Wildlife gang, an extremely fun, friendly family of animals that we have created for Yoplait’s fromage frais brand.

From sketches to research to a national on shelf presence, Relish have helped Yoplait build this brand into a family favourite and we’ve enjoyed every step of the way. Wildlife is now one of the UK’s best selling kids brands, so popular in fact that it is now sponsoring Nickleodeon slots and there’s a thriving e-bay market for the Wildlife alphabet fridge magnets!

Wildlife choobs is the biggest selling kids portable in it’s category.

Yoplait Wildlife Choobs

Relish have created an extensive range of characters and supporting graphics for Wildlife making sure that every single pot and choob is great fun for the kids.

Yoplait Wildlife Choobs Singles

As the trend for portables continues the Wildlife brand is constantly updating the product range to ensure a broad appeal for all occasions, as well as keeping the brand fresh, fun and lively.

Wildlife Crocolate

Wildlife Jungle Twist

A large part of the Wildlife brand is to maintain the fun for kids. We want the fun to continue well after the yogurt has been eaten!

Wildlife Stickers

From trade to television sponsorship, Wildlife continues to create a fun and energetic impact.