Launched in 2007, Tortilla has become the most successful Mexican burrito brand on the UK high street. They currently have 28 stores around the UK with plans for many more throughout 2016.

We helped create the brand from an early seed and we’re pleased to see that both brand and business are enjoying the success they deserve.

From menu boards to graphic wall paper, we have worked closely with architects and structural manufacturers to create a range of interior elements. Communication design throughout the stores is key and several levels of messaging have been created to sell both personality and product.

Aesthetic decoration doubles as brand reinforcers, hinting back to the inspiration behind the brand and the freshness of it's product.

Each Tortilla restaurant is unique and we make a point to create features that give every restaurant it’s own personality. 

Communication both inside and outside store to portray the brand message is a continuing and important part of our relationship with Tortilla. We designed these carry boxes for a potential store at Gatwick airport.

Photography that grabs the atmosphere and buzz of the restaurants goes hand in hand with the overall design feel.