Cinnamon Club & Cinnamon Kitchen

An already established brand and one of the most successful Indian restaurants in the UK, The Cinnamon Club was ready to expand.

Having helped modernise and police The Cinnamon Club brand, Relish were asked to create the sister brand Cinnamon Kitchen and Anise Bar.

Special care and attention is taken to ensure a premium and stylish quality to all the literature. From business cards to special offers, everything has to look as good as it possibly can.

Anise Bar

Brand extensions such as unique spirits and spice jars go further to reinforce the premium nature and attention to detail of the brand.

Cinnamon Packaging

From the glamour of the Anise cocktails to the distinct personality of The Cinnamon Club library bar, we work hard to ensure that the communication reflects the venue.

Cinnamon Club Ads

Celebrating 10 Years of success.

Celebrating 10 years Promo